London Police 2020 Awards

Chief Darrel Kilburn presented 2020 awards at the London City Council meeting on Monday evening. City Safety Officer Rick Cochrane received the Certificate of AppreciationOfficer Drew Jackson received Officer of the Year. Sgt. Travis Couch received Supervisor of the Year.

“I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication that each of these men gave to the London Police Department and to this community in 2020. I also greatly appreciate all the men and women at the London Police Department that have served so admirably this past year. We are thankful for the support of our community and the kindness they continually give to us. God Bless,” Kilburn said.

A Wintry London Downtown

The City of London received snowfall just in time for a white Christmas. The roadways became hazardous and the Hal Rogers Parkway was shut down for a period of time. There were no major accidents reported within London’s City limits. The roads were cleared during Christmas Day and the snow melted over the weekend. Warmer temperatures are ahead this week heading towards the New Year.

London Fire 2020 Awards

The London Fire Department presented their end of year awards to members Thursday evening.

The Ernest L. Clark Senior Officer Award was presented to Asst. Chief Donnie Hale and FF Curtis Goss received the Firefighter of the Year Award.Firefighters honored for their years of service to the Department were Deputy Chief Wilson Rawlings for 65 years of service, Asst. Chief Richard Jackson for 30 years of service, Deputy Chief Tony Brown for 30 years of service, and Firefighter Will Broughton for 10 years of service.

Newly appointed 2020 Officers included Asst. Chief Juh-Rawn Napier, Capt. Darren Wyatt, Capt. Scottie Weaver, Lt. Drew Allen, Lt. Zack Johns, and Lt. Ricky George.

2020 Member Certificates were awarded to FF Patty Gooden, FF Bryan Johnson, Support Member Katie Johnson, FF Daniel Gooden, FF Stephen Zawko, FF John Dampier, Support Member Taylor Harris, FF John Davidson, and FF Tiffany Smith.

Lois Clark was also honored with a gift to commemorate past London Fire Chief Ernest Clark (who served 1994-2004).

Berry Named City Clerk

Marcy Berry has a strong passion for ordinances, court filings, annexation efforts and the other legal minutia of a growing city like London.

That talent will be of great assistance to her when she takes over as city clerk on January 1. For Berry, the clerk’s job will be a continuation of the work she’s been doing for the last nine and half years as a paralegal for city attorney Larry Bryson.

“I really enjoyed the work I did for the city while working with Larry, ordinances and things like that and, most recently, annexation,” she said. “This job is the only one I would have left that job for.”

Following the announced retirement of Carolyn Adams, the city received 12 applications to replace her as clerk. A committee narrowed the list down to 3. Berry was unanimously approved by the city council during its December 7 meeting.

“All of our legal battles and our ordinances, she’s been dealing with those for nine years, so she comes in way ahead of the game,” London Mayor Troy Rudder said. “She’s a nice, confident young lady and we’re lucky to have her.”

Berry has been working with Adams the last few weeks learning other details of the job as city clerk.

“Carol has so much knowledge about all of this,” Berry said. “I am surprised by all of the accounting aspects of the job, with the taxes and licenses. I’m glad she is helping me.”

With her meticulous nature, Berry won’t have any trouble learning the responsibilities of the city clerk and maintaining the high business standards set by Adams, the mayor said.

“Carol is confident that we won’t miss a beat with Marcy.”

Berry, 26, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Eastern Kentucky University and a Paralegal Certificate from the Kentucky Paralegal Association. She is married to Alex Berry.

City Clerk Announces Retirement

As city clerk since 2009, Carolyn Adams has been on the ground floor of a major growth spurt in the City of London.

She facilitated the establishment of a city tourism commission, which in turn produced two popular city parks, expansion of one and the takeover of another. She collects the taxes that keep the tourism commission and the city afloat. She catalogs and publishes ordinances. Records minutes of city council and tourism meetings. Issues business licenses. Posts bids and other legal notices. Works with state officials and auditors to make sure everything is done right.Adams has been a main cog in the development machine that’s been moving London forward at a fast pace. And she’s loved every minute of it.

“We’ve grown so much and next year is going to boom,” she said. “I have loved my job. I love working with the mayor. I love the people of London.”

Adams speaks of her job in the past tense because she is retiring as clerk at the end of December. The loss of her husband, Harvey, to leukemia in September 2019 and her 90-year-old mother, Pearl Weaver, last February pushed up her retirement plans.

“I want to spend more time with my family, that’s basically the real reason I’m retiring,” she said.

Her family includes daughter Susan Greenwell, son-in-law Mike Greenwell and 11-year-old granddaughter Addison, who live in Versailles. Her son Steven recently moved back to London.

“I also want to travel some and catch up on some projects around the house, nothing major,” she said.

Adams is working on important projects for London right until the last day. The city council plans to finalize annexation of I-75 Exit 29 the last week of December, which will be another growth milestone for the city.

“She’s been a great asset to the city and we were lucky to get her,” London Mayor Troy Rudder said. “She’s been my right-hand person, my go-to person. Someone who I could bounce ideas off of, and she wouldn’t sugar coat it. She’d give me her opinion whether it was good or bad. I appreciated her honesty.”

Adams became city clerk after working for many years as a legal secretary, first for Skip Little of London and later for Robert Brown of Corbin.

“I think my legal background was a plus in helping me get this job,” she said. “I was looking to come back to London to work.”

The city council recognized her valuable contributions to London with a standing ovation at its December 7 meeting.

Even though she’s retiring as clerk, Adams said she will continue working as secretary for the London Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustments.

“I’ll be around,” she said.

City of London App

The City of London’s app is here! Download it on the Apple Store or Google Play today. The app’s focus is to better serve those who live and work in London, as well as visitors.

Mayor Troy Rudder was initially approached by London Fire Cheif Carl Hacker about the need for an app. London Fire Public Relations Magen Zawko was tasked with the development and within approximately three months the app came to life.

The main menu of the app is simplified by News, Info Share, Explore, Commerce, and Local Info.

News will be pushed to app users featuring local alerts (road closures, emergency notifications, etc.), local business updates, City Council updates, and general community news. Info Share menu allows citizens to communicate with city departments through submitting easy to fill forms. Explore features local events and a parks directory. Commerce provides local Chamber of Commerce information, payment to the London Utility Commission, and a coupon directory including local small businesses.

Lastly, the Local Info section has a directory of all the City’s departments, City Council, and Public Works information.

“I hope the app improves the livelihood of our citizens and increases positive communication. The app will continually be updated to improve more and more, communication is a two-way street and we’re always looking for ways to improve,” Zawko said.

“Download it, look through it, send a review and let’s move forward, London!”

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