Public Works Projects

Thank you for your patience as our Public Works Department completes these projects. It is important to me to continue improvements throughout the city. Public Works Director Philip Rawlings and his team work hard for their community and I will continue to support their efforts and approve these projects as they are identified.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments.

-Mayor Weddle.

The lists on this page are of city projects in various stages. They may be identified, in planning, scheduled, or in progress.
For more information on the status of a city project please call (606) 864-5521.
For information on State Projects go to the Highway District 11 website.
This page was updated on 6/10/2024.

Sidewalks Needing Repair:

  • 11th St behind LUC
  • 223 E 5th St
  • E 5th St across from Lovelace LUC sewer tap
  • Mill & 14th
  • Mill Street apartments across from Compadres LUC sewer tap
  • Long street in front of Windstream
  • SC-9 and Main corner
  • Center St
  • SC-Pearl St
  • SC-5th St at old Sue Bennett
  • SC-Oak St
  • SC-4th St
  • Falls St
  • Mill St Wall?
  • SC-Morgan St Bridge
  • McWhorter near Eddie Reams to Slate Lick
  • McFadden Ln is in very rough shape
  • 229 Near Armory
  • Need crosswalk at main and 9th with blinking signs with lights
  • Myers Baker rd
  • College and Whitley St. Need a sidewalk it dead ends.
  • Long St near a deteriorated wall

Completed Sidewalk Repairs:

  • AdA bricks at Green Street
  • 229 McWhorter St.
  • SC-East 3rd near Fed courthouse

Paving Needed:

  • Fire and Rescue Drive and the last 230’ approximately of Johnson Addition
  • Greenway Dr
  • Johnson Add
  • Rueben Street
  • Owen St
  • Fletcher St
  • N Mill 16th to 17th
  • Terrace Dr several bad spots

Completed Paving Projects:

  • W 7th from Main St to Parman Tanks
  • Lovelace
  • 13th St from Mill to Towers
  • Watts Ave
  • Bruce St
  • Robison
  • N. Locust
  • Cornett
  • Randall Hill
  • Kaylie Ln
  • Nazerus Hill
  • Chestnut Street
  • S Locust-from 4th to 5th
  • Willow St
  • North Hill St
  • Holt St
  • Nazareth Hill
  • Bills lane repair in one area

Storm Drain Projects:

  • Need to possibly seek bids for two bridges to be replaced on Mill St
  • Need to camera and most likely replace most if not all of the storm drains on Center St.
  • Recycle center storm drain replacement.
  • Installed pipe on Minton Dr
  • Nevada Dr
  • Add a section of pipe on Poindexter St
  • Drain box on Bomont Ave
  • Grate to build and install at Minks Nursery dumpster


  • Chinook
  • Get a quote to install a 20′ long tile in a ditch across from ABC on Van House RD
  • Clark drive
  • Alf Ln drain project