1. Curbside shredding shall be provided by the City of London to businesses “operating” within the London Regional Recycling Center area; this service is only for business and not residential use and is intended to promote commercial development within the City of London. Shredding services remain available free of charge onsite at the City of London Regional Recycling Center to residential customers.

2. Businesses that wish to participate in curbside shredding offered by the City of London are required to sign and adhere to a user agreement, establish an account with the London Utility Commission for curbside shredding, and pay a One Hundred Dollar ($100) deposit for a 95-gallon secure can. Each shred can provided by the City of London shall be secured by a One Hundred Dollar ($100) deposit.

3. Each business shall contact the Public Works Department no less than one week in advance of the time the business wishes to schedule curbside shredding services. At the time of the scheduling, the business shall give the Public Works Department a contact name and phone number for the person who will be bringing the shred can to the shred truck. If the business keeps the shred truck longer than thirty (30) minutes, the business will be charged an additional can dump charge.

4. The shred truck will pick up the shred can at the business and shred the contents onsite. The business is responsible for bringing the shred to the truck at the scheduled shred time. The business is solely responsible for the contents of the shred can until the shred truck picks up the can.

5. The curbside shredding truck services are offered to businesses located inside the city limits of the City of London. Businesses outside of the City of London wishing to receive services must contact the Public Works Department; it is at the discretion of the Public Works Department if these businesses receive services. The City of London reserves the right to refuse service to any business.

6. Shredding Charges:

Within the City:

Up to two(2) cans: $30/can

Three or more cans: $20/can

Outside the City:
(within 20 mile radius)

Up to two(2) cans: $40/can

Three or more cans: $30/can

Outside the City:
(30 mile or more radius)

$200/trip plus $50/can

The City reserves the right to refuse any and all shredding jobs outside the City regardless of distance.

Large shredding jobs of 20 or more shredding cans, discounts may be permitted depending on distance and other variables, at the discretion of the Public Works Department Head.