Board of Ethics

Jane Winkler Dyche

Jim Hayes

Derek House

Donna Gail House

Beth Wilson

Ethics Ordinance 2022-05 (pdf)

The City of London, pursuant to KRS Chapter 65, has enacted an ordinance establishing a code of ethics and an Ethics Board. Public Office and employment are a public trust. The purpose of the ordinance provides a method of assuring standards of ethical conduct for city officers, employees of the City of London, and others.

Below is a means of reporting a perceived violation of the standards of conduct expected of city employees, officers, and others covered by the ordinance.

Complaint Process

  1. Complaints alleging an ethics violation, shall be in writing and signed by the complainant. Complaints should be returned electronically via the website or delivered to the City Clerk at City Hall.
  2. A copy of the complaint will be forwarded to the individual or agency who is the subject of the complaint, within ten (10) working days.
  3. The individual or agency who is the subject of the complaint, shall have ten (10) working days to file a written response to the Ethics Board.
  4. Within thirty (30) working days of receiving the complaint, the Ethics Board shall meet to conduct a preliminary inquiry concerning the allegations contained in the complaint.
  5. If the Ethics Board determines a hearing is necessary, the Board will issue an order setting the matter for a hearing within thirty (30) working days of the date the order was issued, unless either party requests a later date.
  6. The order setting the matter for hearing shall be sent to the person the complaint is against within three (3) days of the time the order setting the hearing is issued, and to the person who made the complaint.

Report Ethics Complaint