As we move through several annexation processes we would like to provide information on the process, and why we feel this is the best “next step” for our city and the surrounding areas.

What’s in it for me?

Affordable Utility Rates: By joining the city, you can enjoy cheaper water and sewer bills, even if you were previously receiving services from London Utility Commission (LUC). This can lead to significant savings and more manageable expenses. For those that don’t have sewer, the plan with LUC is to get sewer to every location annexed in a timely manner.

Low Property Tax: The city property tax rate is only 0.00079 percent, which translates to a minimal tax burden. For example, a $200,000 home would only incur an annual tax of $156.

Full-time and Reliable Fire Protection: The city provides fire protection services through a certified ISO-rated department. This ensures that your property and community are safeguarded by a professional and well-equipped team, enhancing safety and peace of mind. The city of London has 24-hour full-time staff at our fire department!

Accredited Police Department: Annexation brings the advantage of police protection by an accredited police department. The presence of additional units only contributes to maintaining a secure environment and upholding public safety.

Voting Rights and Voice: Being within the city limits grants you the valuable opportunity to exercise your voting rights. As the city’s decisions can significantly impact the county, having a voice in local elections empowers you to shape the direction and policies that affect your community.

All these points can lead to major savings on your insurance for your home or business. By joining the city of London, residents can benefit from cost savings, enhanced safety services, and active participation in the election process. It presents an opportunity for greater affordability, security, and having a say in local affairs.

The Big Picture:

When we step back and look at the benefits for our community as a whole the image becomes clearer. As a community, the general idea for our youth is that they will grow up here, and learn the values we hold so dear, but then to find the most success in their lives they need to move out of our area. Why?

We would like to create an environment where they can have overwhelming success right here at home. Although growing opportunities in our community can’t happen overnight, we must take the first step if we want it to happen at all. One of the most impactful things we can do to get started is increase population.

With an increased population we can be more attractive to industry and jobs. This will not only increase job opportunities but also promote competitive pay. With the amazing schools and college/training programs we already have, we believe our youth deserve more choices to find happiness and success in their careers.

With an increased population we can be more attractive to consumer choices. How many times have you had to go to Somerset or Lexington for shopping, eating, or entertainment? Even with companies like Amazon shipping to your door, sometimes you need something faster or need to see it in person.

With a county of more than 60 thousand people, we already have the population in our area. We need to take steps to show we are united. We need to demonstrate that our community is ready for more opportunities. We do this by expanding our borders to include more areas that already consider themselves as being part of London.

Annexation Process

Intent and Petition:

  1. First Reading of Intent to Annex Ordinance.
  2. Notice of Second Reading sent to all property owners in the annex area.
  3. Second Reading of Intent to Annex Ordinance.
  4. Notice in the local newspaper informing Property Owners and Registered Voters of their Right to Petition.
  5. Publication of Intent to Annex.
  6. Petition Window- Property Owners and Registered Voters have 60 days to draft and present a petition to the City Council. The Petition requires 50% of the total Property Owner’s and Registered Voter’s signatures.
  7. With a valid (50%) petition, the City Council may decide to have the Annex put on the ballot for the next regular election.

Zoning and Annexation:

  1. A zoning recommendation is sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  2. The Planning and Zoning Commission sends notice to Property Owners and Adjoining Property Owners to notify them of a Public Hearing to zone the Annex Properties. They typically keep zoning consistent with current property use.
  3. Creation of Annexation Ordinance.
  4. First Reading of Annexation Ordinance.
  5. Second Reading of Annexation Ordinance.
  6. Publication of Annexation Ordinance.
  7. Annexation Ordinance sent to and approved by the Kentucky Secretary of State Land Office.

This is a simplified list of events to keep the process easy to follow. For more information on the complete process refer to the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Links to the maps for the current Annexation Project sponsored by Councilperson Kelly Greene:
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