We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are working hard to accommodate all of your recycling needs.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime at 606-864-5521.

Print, fill out, and mail your recycling commitment forms to help us track how many committed individuals are participating in our recycling program. Our goal is to have 150 businesses, 100 individuals, and 100% local school participation.

Recycling Commitment Form

How to Recycle Powerpoint

Local Schools Profit from Recycling!

Our local schools are able to participate in a program that allows them to receive classroom funds based on the amount of recyclables that are picked up at each school.

  • Totals paid to schools

    In an effort to promote the importance of recycling to our school age children.  The London Regional Recycling Center provided recycling containers to all our local schools.  As an incentive awarded the schools with classroom funds based on the amount of recyclables that were collected after  cost. October 2008 to current totals paid back to the schools.

    Bentley Center                                             $129.28

    Bush Elementary                                       $1,678.22

    Campground  Elementary                          $1,421.89

    Cold Hill Elementary                                  $3,772.80

    Corner Stone                                                $262.10

    East Bernstadt Elementary                          $1,563.59

    Hazel Green Elementary                             $1,374.11

    Hunter Hills  Elementary                            $2,006.25

    Johnson Elementary                                   $1,352.43

    Keavy Elementary                                       $1,494.52

    London Elementary                                    $3,930.32

    McDaniel Learning Center                             $191.86

    North Laurel High School                           $1,399.06

    North Laurel Middle School                        $3,338.13

    South Laurel High School                           $5,270.43

    South Laurel Middle School                        $3,300.83

    Sublimity Elementary                                 $1,791.23

    Swiss Colony Elementary                           $1,379.02

    Wyan Pine Elementary                                $3,769.85

    Total paid to the schools                           $39,425.92

You Can Recycle Water!

The City of London and London Downtown are excited about Recycling water with Lily Raintainers (rain barrels). To purchase a rain barrel, contact the city of London or London Downtown for price and delivery information.

  • Rain Barrels

    A Rain Barrel is simply a barrel that’s been set-up for the sole purpose of collecting and redistributing rain water. Typically rain barrels are attached to one of your gutter’s down spouts, which essentially widens the water collection area to the size of your roof. A properly installed rain barrel can collect up to 55 gallons of run-off with just a few inches of precipitation, which you can then use to water your lawn and/or garden.  Rain barrels are good for the environment, and can save you quite a bit of money on your water bill during the summer months.
    The water you collect in your rain barrel can be used water your garden and lawn, wash your car or bike, clean work boots and tools, and to water potted plants, for every gallon of water you use from your rain barrel, you’ll save the equivalent amount from your water bill. Fifty-five gallons is a lot of water, and can really add up over the course of a long, hot summer. The water you collect from your rain barrel is also free of chemicals that might be floating in your municipal water system, which is something your garden will appreciate. For information on how to build your own rain barrel please contact the Laurel County Extension Service at 606-864-4167.

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