May 6, 2024

Randall Weddle, Mayor

Emergency Air Medical Membership Proposal – City of London, Kentucky

Introduction: This proposal is made by PHI Air Medical for the City of London, Kentucky, on May 6, 2024, regarding City-wide participation in the PHI Cares membership program. PHI provides medically necessary emergency air medical transportation. A PHI Cares membership covers the uninsured or otherwise uncovered portion of the flight charges which may be incurred by members requiring medically necessary emergency air medical transportation on a PHI aircraft.

Purpose: PHI Air Medical is offering the City of London, Kentucky a special rate to cover City of London residents through the PHI Cares program in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below and stated in a defined service agreement entered into between the two parties. All standard terms and conditions of the PHI Cares program shall be applicable to the City of London except as otherwise set forth in the service agreement between the two parties. Our standard terms and conditions may be viewed on our website at:

In the event a resident of the City of London, Kentucky, is transported from the City of London or Laurel County, KY by PHI Air Medical, they will not have any out-of-pocket expense for their PHI Air medical transport. The city membership will cover all out-of-pocket expenses for a resident’s PHI Air Medical transport.

Membership Fee: For and in consideration of the services described above, the annual membership fee for 3,021 households and the household dependents of these residents will be $9.00 per household per year for a total of $27,189.00. This is an annual fee, with no monthly charges, sign-up fees, or additional taxes.

Terms of Proposal: This proposal is valid through October 31, 2024. Upon acceptance, it will be replaced by a service agreement. The provision of PHI Cares membership for the City of London as outlined in this proposal will be subject to (i) City of London’s verbal or written acceptance of this proposal and (ii) PHI Air Medical’s receipt and approval of a fully executed service agreement between the two parties.

Thank you for your consideration of this life-saving emergency air medical benefit for the residents of the City of London, Kentucky.


Mark Leighton Mark Leighton

Chief Revenue & Administrative Officer, PHI Health

Main Points

  • Not insurance. This is a membership that will cover the costs of PHI services.
  • $0.75 a month is added to your household water bill.
  • Only households in the City of London are eligible as part of this deal.
  • *It does not matter where PHI services are rendered. If you are a member, you are covered.
  • Items like stickers and cards identify you as a member in case you are in an incident and can’t request PHI yourself.
*There have been concerns about the wording of the agreement that could go against this point. We have reached out to PHI for clarification and will have more information at the Town Hall meeting.