London-Laurel Rescue Squad out in full force

Since February 14th, over 9,500 homes in Laurel County were without electricity, hazardous ice covered area roadways, trees fell trapping households, downed power lines littered streets, healthcare workers needed assistance to arrive at work, at-risk citizens needed warm, and the London – Laurel Rescue Squad was at the heart of it all taking the call to help others.

Since Sunday afternoon the Rescue Squad assisted 23 healthcare workers needing a lift to work to keep the ER open and functional, they assisted EMS with seven runs with their off-road vehicle to load up patients, helped with four patient transports, five fuel runs for household generators, assisted with clearing fallen trees, worked 18 car wrecks – many on I-75, assisted the Laurel County Emergency Operations Center with transporting 12 to the warming center at West London Baptist, and have re-fueled all tools and vehicles to do it all again.

Throughout the week Chief John Allen and Assistant Chief Darren Wyatt work full-time at the Rescue Squad, while 50 members assist when able between their full-time jobs and family. The Rescue Squad stated they are thankful to work alongside our great area fire departments during bad weather. The local fire departments, city utility workers, street and road departments are wonderful resources. It takes a village, and the Rescue Squad’s hope is for citizens to be aware of the weather-related dangers ahead and plan accordingly.

Emergency personnel are asking citizens to please refrain from calling 911 about roadway conditions. The London-Laurel Co. Dispatch Center is ready to take emergency calls day and night and for non-emergency needs, call (606) 878-7000.11,054People Reached1,355EngagementsBoost Post