City of London App

The City of London’s app is here! Download it on the Apple Store or Google Play today. The app’s focus is to better serve those who live and work in London, as well as visitors.

Mayor Troy Rudder was initially approached by London Fire Cheif Carl Hacker about the need for an app. London Fire Public Relations Magen Zawko was tasked with the development and within approximately three months the app came to life.

The main menu of the app is simplified by News, Info Share, Explore, Commerce, and Local Info.

News will be pushed to app users featuring local alerts (road closures, emergency notifications, etc.), local business updates, City Council updates, and general community news. Info Share menu allows citizens to communicate with city departments through submitting easy to fill forms. Explore features local events and a parks directory. Commerce provides local Chamber of Commerce information, payment to the London Utility Commission, and a coupon directory including local small businesses.

Lastly, the Local Info section has a directory of all the City’s departments, City Council, and Public Works information.

“I hope the app improves the livelihood of our citizens and increases positive communication. The app will continually be updated to improve more and more, communication is a two-way street and we’re always looking for ways to improve,” Zawko said.

“Download it, look through it, send a review and let’s move forward, London!”