London’s Living Treasures Honored

London Downtown saluted four people Tuesday night who’ve made valuable contributions to the community over the course of their lives.

Hononered were:

  • Anglee Smith, a longtime teacher and school librarian
  • Doris Robinson, former head of the London-Laurel County Newcomers Club
  • Ed Bowling, former Laurel County coroner and founder of Bowling Funeral Home
  • Judge C.R. Luker, former circuit judge in Laurel and Knox Counties.

The ceremony was held at the Laurel County Library.

London Regional Recycle Center receives baler from Truitt Bros.

Pictured above: Billy Richardson Sanitation Manager / Dustin Burton General Manager

An unused baler in the back of a warehouse will now see a new home with the City of London Regional Recycling Center.

Truitt Brothers Manufacturing has long wanted to be a shining example of recycling in the community and lead others to it, and with a hefty donation to the London Regional Recycling Center, they have made a big step.

A $4000.00 baler was sitting unused in their warehouse when Public Works Director Steve Edge took a tour of their premises.

“I just saw it sitting over there and joked with Billy (Richardson) that we could put that to good use,” Edge said. “Little did he know, he goes and talks to the president of the company.  A little later I get a call with them saying come and get it.”

Richardson, the Sanitation Manager at Truitt Brothers and Dustin Burton, the General Manager said they hope this donation can really help out with the recycling effort in the community.

But this is something they have really been wanting to do and started doing recently.

“In the past couple years; Burton said, they have kicked their recycling efforts into gear.”

“We’ve really adopted the motto reduce, reuse, recycle,“ Burton said.  “We want to be a leader in establishing a recycling community.”

He highlighted that they recycled close to 490,000 lbs of all the waste they used just last year alone.

Apart from just sending off their waste to the recycling center they will also try to reuse whatever they can in their own house and if they can’t use it there, they will send it to another plant for them to reuse.

“Billy and Steve have found another venue to where we can give these to other people to use,” Burton said.  “Like other companies in the event that we don’t use all that we’ve got.  We would just as soon see it used and then send it to the recycler after it gets worn out.”

Truitt Bros. also work with their employees to encourage them to recycle as much as they can at home, Richardson said, saying they want to expand their efforts outside of the company.

Burton said, “the company’s main goal with this donation is to encourage everyone to recycle more”.

“We can all do a better job,” Burton said.  “Anything we can do, and if this helps on their end and can reduce the landfill, it’s something we all need to do.”

“Right now, the recycling center has a limited amount of balers, they have to switch in and out for different products,” Edge said.  This can put them behind when they have to wait until one is done to start on the next product”.

He said this new baler will be able to help out a lot in that they will be able to dedicate one product to it, and only use it for that.

“Anytime anyone helps us out, they’re helping out their local government,” Edge said.  “And we’re always thankful for that.”

Richardson said, “it is really important for everyone to get on board with this and help each other out to make everyone better at recycling”.

“I drive down the interstate everyday and every day I pass the weigh station, and to the left is that landfill,” Richardson said.  “And I’m amazed at how tall it has gotten in the last 10 years.  It’s become a huge mountain.”


Treetop Adventure, a tourism draw

In only five months of operation, Treetop Adventure at Levi Jackson State Park welcomed nearly 6,000 guests, including visitors from 34 states and four foreign countries, year-end statistics show.
Treetop Adventure opened to the public on June 29 and remained in operation until mid November, thanks to warmer than expected weather.
The park is operated by City of London Tourism and was paid for by the city’s restaurant tax, which was implemented exclusively to fund tourism-related projects. It is the only municipally-owned aerial adventure park in Kentucky.
Treetop Adventure proved itself as a tourist draw, with 57 percent of the 6,000 guests coming from outside London. They brought money into the city’s restaurants, hotels and other businesses as well.
Thanks to the number of tickets sold, the park was able to pay for its staff, marketing and utilities.
“Our plan was to develop a unique attraction that both residents and visitors could enjoy and that could also generate enough revenue to be self sufficient,” said Chris Robinson, executive director of City of London Tourism.
The 16-person staff was a big reason the park was a success in its shortened first season, Robinson said.
“Our staff received so many positive comments and reviews,” he said. “We were fortunate to create such a good team of individuals that enjoyed working at Treetop. We look forward to the 2017 season.”
One of the goals for the upcoming season to is build a permanent office and bathrooms. The schedule is to open the park on weekends in late March or early April, if the weather is cooperative.
Another goal is to assemble another high-quality, customer-oriented staff, Robinson said.
“Part time and season applications can be completed at London City Hall beginning in February,” he said. “The new season is upon us.”
The park currently is accepting reservations for Spring field trips, which is a great activity for school groups, youth/church groups and others.
Treetop Adventure features five trails with 12 obstacles ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, for ages seven and up.
The park was built by Outdoor Adventures, the country’s premier builder of aerial adventure parks.
The City of London leases the property from Kentucky State Parks.
For more information visit or call 606-330-0501.
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