Wellness Park Re-Opened

The roadway to the Wellness Park on College Park Drive has been re-opened as well as the Wellness Park. Thank you for your patience while the park’s access road has been under construction to ensure the public’s safety.

Wellness Park Road Closure

***PLEASE BE ADVISED*** Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 6th – Tuesday, Dec. 10th the Wellness Park and access to the Wellness Park will be closed off to the public due to road reconstruction.

London City Fire Department Bid Proposals 2019

The London City Fire Department is requesting Bid Proposals for the following items. Package 1 will be for the Bid of the Engine Apparatus. Package 2 will be for Fire Engine Loose Equipment. Bids will be accepted in the following forms:

  1. Bid for Engine Apparatus
  2. Bid for Fire Engine Loose Equipment
  3. Bid for both Engine Apparatus and Fire Engine Loose Equipment

All packages are design specific, however, manufacture specifications are design build as long as all maternal and equipment are design equals or above.

Attached are the specifications.

All bids will need to be submitted no later than July 15th at 4 p.m. Bidder instructions are included in the link below. Please follow all instructions in order for your proposal to be considered for review.

Please direct all questions or concerns to Chief Carl Hacker at the London Fire Department.

Email: carl.hacker@londonky.gov

Fire Engine Loose Equipment Bid Pricing

Specifications Drawing

Specifications Report



Sealed bids will be received by the City of London Fire Department until JULY 15,2019at 501 South Main St. London, KY for the furnishing of all necessary labor, equipment and material for the Fire Apparatus, and other equipment as outlined in the following specifications. Also will be found on our city website at www.londonky.gov

Bids will be addressed and submitted in accordance with the instructions provided above. The type of bid, bid opening date and time will be stated on the front of the bid envelope.

All specifications herein contained are considered as minimum. No exceptions to these minimum standards will be allowed relating to gauge, alloy, and type of metal, size of compartments and overall design. Bidders must state the brand of any item provided which is a substitute for the brand or model specified for evaluation by the bidder.  The buyer reserves the right to require a bidder to provide proof in each case that a substituted item is equal to that specified.  The buyer will be the sole judge in determination of acceptable substitutes.

This apparatus will conform to the current edition of the National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet No. 1901.

All bids must be signed.  Failure to do so will cause the bid to be non-responsive and rejected.

The competency and responsibility of Bidders will be considered in making the award. The London Fire Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to reject the bid of the bidder who, in the judgment of the buying authority is not in a position to perform the Contract. These specifications, together with any other documents required herein, will be included in the final contract.  Each bidder will submit a copy of his proposed contract form. The purchaser reserves the right to reject a bid based on unacceptable provisions of a bidder’s contact and does not obligate itself to accept the lowest or any bid.

It will be the responsibility of the bidder to assure that their proposal arrives at the proper location by the time indicated.  Late proposals, telegrams, facsimile, or telephone bids will not be considered.  Bids will not be considered from firms, individuals or the same owners of separate companies submitting more than one bid.

Any erasures, strike over’s and/or changes to prices written in numerals should be initialed by the bidder.  Failure to initial may cause to reject the bid as irregular and disqualified from consideration.

A written review of the company, in chronological order, detailing the background of the manufacturer shall be provided as part of the Bid proposal.

If a vendor represents more than one Fire Apparatus Company, they will only bid the top of the line product that meets specifications.

The apparatus shall be built by an American owned manufacturer in the United States. NO EXCEPTION.


Thanksgiving Holiday Garbage and Recycling Services

To all City of London residents with City Garbage & Recycling Services ONLY, there will be NO CHANGES in the Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) holiday for your garbage services. Also, NO CHANGES in the Thanksgiving Day (Friday) holiday for your recycling services.

Please have your garbage and recycling out the NIGHT BEFORE; the pickup time may start much earlier than usual.

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